The latest entry into the action thriller genre finds strength in what some people might consider a crippling disability. “The Accountant,” Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) one of the world’s top financial minds, uncooking the books for some of the most dangerous people and organizations on the planet.

He’s also autistic.

In Wolff's life as an autistic child, the details are everything and each and every detail in “The Accountant” carries a piece of significance that reveals its level of importance as the movie progresses. In the second scene, Wolff’s parents (Mary Kraft and Robert C. Trevelier) are meeting with a neurologist (Jason Davis) to determine how best to raise their son, Christian is putting a puzzle of Muhammad Ali backwards with the gray, blank back of the puzzle pieces facing up, as he’s already solved the puzzle “the easy way” with the pieces faced rightside up. Read More