Free agency in all sports is a thrilling time for teams and fan alike. Teams have the opportunity to improve on their roster, and fans have the opportunity to see new faces, potentially All-Star faces.

Free agency is so exciting because a high number of players change teams every year for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s a chance for more money, more playing opportunities, or just an opportunity to be closer to their hometowns, players change teams every offseason.

In MLB free agency this year, All-Star outfielder of the New York Mets Yoenis Cespedes hit the open market, and he was not shy about it. Cespedes clearly stated exactly what he wanted out of his next contract: five years in length with a value $130 million, no hometown discount.

However, Cespedes appeared to have a change of heart Tuesday, as he re-signed with the Mets for a four-year, $110 million, which is one year and 20 million dollars less than his initial demands. There were rumors that teams like the San Francisco Giants and the Washington Nationals were just a couple of the many contending teams that reached out to Cespedes.

Not only did Cespedes return to his team, he went back to New York with a lower contract than what he demanded. That’s revealing for two reasons. One is that Cespedes displayed a trait that is lacking in sports today, loyalty. He desired to return to his team if it meant less money than what he originally was looking to receive. Cespedes deserves all the praise in the world for retuning to his team instead bailing to the highest bidder.

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