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The Case For Jose Fernandez To Win The 2016 NL CY YoungBy Garrett Podell on September 30, 2016
While there are many deserving pitchers in the National League this season, there’s only one pitcher that should receive the award: Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez.

Even though there has never been a posthumous winner, Fernandez has earned the award.

On statistics alone, Fernandez has a compelling argument. In 2016, he has struck out more batters than every pitcher but Max Scherzer, has 2.86 ERA, won 16 games, and lead the league in strikeouts per nine innings at 12.48.

But, the stats don’t tell the whole story. Fernandez risked his life to come play in the major leagues when he and his family defected from Cuba.

When he arrived in the big leagues, all Fernandez did was play the game with a passion and emotion that is currently lacking in the vast majority of baseball today.

He was the ultimate teammate, relishing in the success of others on the Marlins with unrelenting enthusiasm.
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